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What is the Graduate Scheme

The Procurement Graduate Training Scheme was established in 2020, welcoming the first cohort of graduates into NHS procurement from September 2021. Following the incredible success of the scheme to date, with the ongoing support from NHS organisations and procurement departments, we are opening the scheme for graduates to apply for a place commencing September 2024.

The scheme offers graduates a chance to join procurement teams in NHS organisations across England.

The Procurement Graduate Training Scheme is a highly-focused development pathway for graduates to become the next NHS procurement middle managers and beyond.

The 2-year scheme gives graduates a unique insight into how an NHS organisation operates. Participants will learn how to source, procure, receipt and deliver to internal customers across the organisation. The scheme is designed to offer graduates varied challenges and opportunities to help build skills and knowledge. Our aim is to introduce new talent to the procurement departments, help graduates to develop across the range of areas and progress within the organisation.

We are looking for confident and eager individuals who want a career in procurement, delivering deeper value for money in an ever changing organisation. Graduates should be keen to get involved and access all there is to offer on the programme.

Procurement: A brief introduction

Brief introduction to Procurement

Procurement is the strategic function by which organisations identify, source, and acquire goods, services or works from an external source, often via a tendering or competitive bidding process.

Every single item that is used by the NHS has to go through the procurement process. This includes all goods used daily across the NHS, from bandages and heart monitors, to staff uniforms or knee replacement joints. The range of products and services procurement teams acquire is vast, including IT and financial management, whist also dealing with estates - sourcing and managing the property which the NHS occupies.

Procurement teams are also involved with researching a product, liaising with suppliers, contract management and managing the materials once they are owned by the NHS. Teams distribute the goods/service and ensure there are efficient systems in place to best suit all teams accessing them.

The all-encompassing field of procurement is sure to present an interesting and rewarding opportunity for any curious and motivated graduate.  

Procurement during a pandemic

Not so long ago the three letters PPE would have meant very little to the majority of people, and now these formerly innocent letters have been rolling off our tongues as often as we used to say “fancy a cuppa?”

The procurement teams worked tirelessly to ensure services and goods, such as PPE were stocked and accessible for NHS workers, enabling them to continue to do their jobs and help patients during these difficult times.

Their role was key to keeping the NHS going during the Covid-19 outbreak and were vital in many areas such as:

The procurement teams remain integral to ensuring the NHS provides an exceptional service to patients; and successful recruits in the Procurement Graduate Scheme will ensure this high level of service continues.

The NHS in England

What are the NHS Values

“If there is one thing the current pandemic has proven it is the importance of an efficient and proactive NHS Procurement function. This scheme is your opportunity to be part of that function and to receive the necessary experience and training to enable you to be a key part of the Procurement function going forward.”

- Nigel Booth, Head of Skills Development Network, Yorkshire & Humber